27 Feb 2012, 6:54am

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I know I say this every single week but wow!

Week 14 + 15

I know I say this every single week but wow! the weeks go fast. It’s so uncomplicated to obtain behind on these. I am going to perform two at when here to catch up a bit.

We call her our small hipster child when she wears this outfit. hehe. She just desires a pair of thick rim glasses (she might just need some someday- each Kev and I are super blind)
Cardigan: JC Penny
AA Someone in Brooklyn Loves Me Onesie: Gift from good friends (who reside in brooklyn)
Skinny Jeans: Baby Gap
Plaid High Tops: JC Penny
Headband: Handmade by me
Maple Leaf Teether: Little Sapling Toys (Yay Canada!)

This super cute hooded romper is generally the verydiscount wedding dresses online   first thing I put on Rowan right after the wash is accomplished. I just like it. The pattern is so various and exceptional and also the fabric is so soft. Also, I appear to melt when a infant has a hooded anything on. The Romper was a gift from Tea Collection. There’s a major sale going on appropriate now more than there. I would certainly check it out. This romper is now only $19.50!!

A lot has gone on more than the last few weeks. Christmas has already come and gone and we are already into our first week of January. Rowan is growing so quickly. It nonetheless blows my thoughts when I look back at pictures of when she was just born. She is rolling more than like a champ now. She can roll each for the left and proper though she is on her tummy. No back to tummy however, but we are operating on it. Nonetheless no giggling too, she does do it in her own way but I don’t believe it counts as a real laugh. wedding dresses discountShe has also began making this ridiculous dinosaur/Darth Vador noise. It makes me laugh so hard. I don’t know why she does it, but it is hilarious.

Our days lately have been filled with highs and lows. Rowan is surely teething, so she will go from being a pleased small camper to getting incredibly upset quite quickly. This morning we had been laying in bed and she kept going from toy to toy chewing the crap out of them and just whining this sad, sad little cry. I felt so poor for her. I definitely do not know substantially about teething. Any person have suggestions for me? What works what doesn’t?

We are obtaining fairly good with our daily schedule. It takes a whilst to figure it all out but right after some months you start out to know. Rowan generally wakes up around 8am. She eats. We play after which she goes back down for a nap two hours later. Somedays she wakes up at distinctive times but I know whenever it is that 2 hours later she will need to go back down for a nap. mulberry saleShe sleeps about 2-2.5 hours. She will eat again after which if we have errands, we go out and do them. She will commonly take a further nap around 3ish for yet another 2 hours and then she is going to be up till bedtime that is around 9. I assume back for the early newborn days and bear in mind the chaos of it all. There was no schedule and you wonder for those who will ever feel regular again. Hang tight ladies! It all works out. Points calm down and you seriously understand to read your small. That is how I felt anyways. Everyday that goes by Rowan captures an increasing number of of our hearts. We honestly can’t envision our life with no her now.

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